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wind moves me like 

(                       )


my grandparents 

were a love poem

before I could write





sky consumes gull


cormorant measures

bay from bay to bay


coffee stained blouse


memories in waves




my son calls them birds of pray




we can’t make people good 

we have to try


plovers leave their nests


we fly our kites




on the path

wild daisies before us

wild daisies behind us




younger son: 

what fun things shall we do today?


older son: 

whatever Mom has planned

hold her hand—





sister carries

ocean on back

rocking waves

in baby’s eyes





what could have been 

my greatest poem ever …


Mom you gotta smooch me


my husband remarks

can you believe all this green?







ocean is water

water is not the ocean


more water routine


I love you forever

like the ocean?

like water


le’orekh yamim

for the length of days


belly rub slows


babbling brook

any raindrop puddle





baywater in pail 

never makes it back to base

castle before the sand


who protects this beach 

from what my children carry?


I shoo the gulls


Todah! Todah!

meaning sacrifice 


with my hands

what gives






green lights of Sunrise 

we float on a breeze 


exchange silence

then radio ambrosia


blackbird crossing 

a lifetime of zen 





please, moon.

what would you have me do?


hold me!


I would if I could.


poem for a friend

at the end of a life or 

beginning of the day:


what river will you cross?

what rain have you known?


remember when we thought 

the storm on the way

was the storm that had passed?


we are what has always been

you said once in a dream


looking forward

means looking back

center clear & sound


I think we’re alone now

cricket sings

at last



have you loved 

someone so much 

you longed to be 

the pockets for 

their hands?


lost in thought I notice

some bunny notice me


it has been too long

since we had God 

over for dinner





I caught your hand

as you turned away


what about Spring? 

what about time?


I understand now

why the egret

is always alone





crows haughty 



house birds busy



common visitors



my usual suspects



gull proclaims Day!



coffee before






summer’s first fireflies

string lights along my path

moonlit lake guides me home

deep breath following scripture

great comfort in being known


I hardly notice cicadas dying





Papa sits on the porch

with his Sunday paper


cardinal calls Elohim

Elohim Hebrew for God

meaning mighty & supreme


I move to the chair where 

my Bubbi loved to laugh


how did you sleep?

whatever I said always 

worthy of his chorus

that’s wonderful.


a soft chuckle

a big sip of coffee


this poem is for the birds!

he would say if he could





if living is research

dying is dissertation


in college I saw (       ) perform

thought they were a cover band


sometimes life feels this way

the real thing happening

not knowing till after


I collect seaside treasures 

hoping my grandchildren 

will break them to bits 





before our kids had us 

& my husband lost abandon

we faced the stars together


lying on our backs 

in the middle of the road

we saw traffic coming


still we stayed








hang in there

hang this here

as from a basket

there is more to be

if we hang tough


do not fret about 



one will sing

she always does





loon cleans wings on a rock 

groom sunbathing all day

like anything prepares us

for true love at first flight





pray how reeds 

bend to kiss the 


grateful to be

moved by wind





broken brass bowl cracks 

filled with golden hour

unsilence of summer






there is so much you can do:

return to water in your mind

thank birds in the parking lot

pray for the sailor & his crew

as they drift from under you


how will you hold peace?


everything else goes

all else fails





untying poems 

from my hand


you are never

your treehouse


be silent about 

where we sleep





horizon bends


holds us



we learn to dive

to live without





water runs in place

swan never begs

she takes what gives

why rise to ants?


in love 

we gain 

what fails





waiting for the sun

to make shadow out of me


if love is not here

it is nowhere


look without expecting

find only wind in trees


be the bough

bent | unbroken





no one can



how I can



come to learn


mind moves mind

spirals out of self





this! poet screams

fire  ether  ember  


pages to ashes

frisky breeze





before my son recalls 

his superhero agenda

he marvels at garden

breeze & sun


pick me up


we notice fuschia flowers

in the neighbor’s bramble


who is bigger? tell the truth


you definitely you





sitting in the grass

with my baby

for the first time


for the first time

with my baby

sitting in the grass





my son finds me 

meditating by an oak


slow-moving plan

he picks a dandelion


places it in my palm

runs with delight


ocean-bound stream





I know that song

mockingbird  mockingbird


there she is son

it feels good to know & say


I know this wave

love love


it feels good 

to say



name the things that move us

then let them go


let them go





sparrows bicker over 

blessings in a fruitless tree


my husband silenced 

by my bowl of spaghetti





water runs 

below this 



what rules above





crickets so bold

even I’m attracted


what love is this?

what more is there?


how a weed grows

my baby could be a heron


within time

upon nothing


the art of how things align

the center beyond looking


hear the cry without crying





my son asks

what was my name? 

who was I in heaven

before you named me?


(birds) sing to respond

(trees) say shhh





if you want to 

write good poetry

take this blue crayon


birds are quiet today

ants go about their business


they say no news 

is the best news


I say nothing 

for it to mean






clouds became


mom met dad

became they


they had us

becoming we


every circle moves

our children watch


finches brings wrappers

into my air conditioner


if that will not do what will?


deep breath is deep 

for death’s sake


in a weed box

we are roots 

before and after 

we are roots


sunstone loves moon 

all the very same




upon Venus pray:



our Father


love of language

comes from love


language of love

comes from quiet





just when I thought

tomato plant surrendered

to time & wind & change

I see one tiny tendril cling


holding onto this dear life not yet 

autumn bows her head 

ok friend





I watch an urge 

hover above water


carefully ignore the itch


dive | scratch | gather


chi moves monotony


marsh prays to forget

we learn through wind





surf is the best song

silence between ebbs 

sings love / again


slowing down there is space

when space is not needed


ever-inward om

gull’s eye 



man & his boat





kid had a nightmare

about losing me again





I’m here

light on water


love lingers

long after dusk





my whole head put on notice 

by some sparrows on a line


they demand to know 


when do we wake today?

how will the blue appear?

to what cloudy ends?

am I a worthy witness?


maybe the coffee

will make a poem



re: turn


my thingness had more room

before trying to know a crow




I teach poetry to my boys

look at all this blood I say

ephemeral pools & such


the geese are calling us!

the ant is more than an ant


does the difference between lightning & a lightning bug strike you too?


I try not to kill haiku


crushing on couplets

I watch sonnets walk


who am I to choose 

happiness for them?





yield then—


return home to find

this great cloud


what more could I want?





watch the gulls

have their way


off & on again

your shoulders









life is not an old western dad’s wisdom outlived him

as it should be


cowboys do not wear

black & white hats


this is why I love the sea

we could fish without fear

trust waves more than people never caring which 

fish was which fish


hook in a finger

better than a trigger




shore withdraws

our final breaths





to never know

a faraway stare

wind in willow

my sailor’s sail

long expanded

an after-school

snack prepared




komorebi in my baby’s eyes


I was not a mother until 

I pointed out the moon


when you are a mother

you wish you were a child


when you see you are a child

you call your mother again


we are close to the earth


she is so far away





catbird not spooked

by the passing train


right line hesitates


silver moon sliver

in morning sky





like a tree besides himself

streams of water


first psalm 

first kiss 

first born


this is a peaceful walk mom

our hands never tight enough


every crosswalk 

carried on my back


let’s pray for this spirit tree


he offers secrets 

into the trunk 

we imagine our  

neighborhood roots

relaxing & unpacking 

marsh roses on sidewalks





my baby’s delight 

at the sight of surf





from silence

a million mommy! moments


surviving is trying to 

laugh more than gulls



my bubbi’s writing desk

wedged between windows

in a corner of quiet light


blue jays have much to say


I get lost/find peace in

the way waterdrops

rest in the screens

woven waterfalls

suspended for

this moment


coffee will cool

children will stir


blue jays sing all the same

still - there is more to say





sitting at the marina

surprised by the sailboats 

sitting at the marina





you think the moon

looks at us and thinks

how beautiful they look





offered butterscotch pudding

in the nursing home cafeteria

my Bubbi summons laughter

vodka under banana leaves


humor is a kind of reluctance

ancestors’ remind stay light


morse code in dove coos





cypresses whisper 

indecent secrets 

about the clouds


for this coffee 

I offer thanks

it is enough








open the window

if you are hot


birds seek food & you 

are hungry too 


a grain of rice

the whole truth


find the litter 

when blind


chairs were trunks before 

they were stumps for spines 

then spineless


our mother wonders 

can we profess love 

without consumption


can we carry burdens 

before & beyond

9 months 99 years 

any nanosecond




a wet bird 

never flies at night 

think about it


my papa’s laugh

river without end





our nature is to yearn 

for the unlearnable


if you could hold tight

apples all day & night

I would make sauce


but you are tired 

& I am the apple

all bruise no bite




shadows & reflections

ripples on the water

eternal effortlessness

light & wind & mind





     before day

gets daying

I spend time 

with the clouds

stay soft they sing

lullaby rocks me

imagine that? 


ageless soul







my family in the garden


my husband tells me

light theory creates

quantum entanglement

like a rainbow


cotton candy skies

is pollution


ever naive

I reach for our babies


firsts & lasts


is it even a book if 

it doesn’t get wet?







hold psalms 

balm for unheld spaces 


let orion’s belt keep you 


you are the kayak raft oar

water shows you how

does not understand


cardinal reminds us 

to become an ancestor

not to heal one





I know there are 150 psalms

until I know there are 160


then I know there are 

probably less which is

entirely problematic


we bank on what 

we want to see


imagine you 

know nothing

then know that





if a crow cries 

& you stay outside

expect only trouble


wind chimes 

hold no whimsy 

without wind


don’t count 

discount sales 

as history





I remember 

walking to church 

Easter morning

alone with wind

Christ grabbing

my dry palm


nah girl

not so fast





heartbreak never stops 

lovers from the first kiss


try to dissect how 

hearts prepare cuts


stay sharp when 

your parts feel softest


you cannot miss home

if you never leave





earthquake yells

go to your room


we fortify 

in the wake


heaven cracks us

we dare ask why





we watch children 

play in the bay


in my husband’s lap

he unfurls my fist


did you know atoms 

never actually touch?


we defy gravity

& time or whatever





morning alchemy

sun king sings here

money does not grow 





without water

there is no way


everything moves


life between sunsets

my moon on your chest 


silent storied horizon





ocean seems at war 

with herself today

or angry at us


excited foreplay?


best not to get worked up

let tides be tides

found coins in the sand


all your debts repaid





memorial trees

cherry for bubbi

maple for papa


how many toasted 

marshmallows without expecting a call 

from adult me?





wind moves me like 

(                       )


my grandparents were

a love song before 

I heard how they sing

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